Dayna Malow has spent her professional career making her own music and that of others, come to life. Her personal style spans many musical genres, and her songwriting knows no boundaries. Because of this, on any given night you may hear her singing at a small corner café or coffee shop, at a smoky jazz club, on stage at a crowded neighborhood bar, playing for a large crowd at a regional music festival, or under the bright lights at a regal theater or performance center.

Born and raised just outside Chicago, she took every opportunity that came her way, just to sing. This passion eventually led her to the University of Miami to study Jazz, where oddly enough she was first introduced to Country/Folk music. “I was so enthralled by the music coming from under the door of my Kentucky born roommate”. Artists such as Lynn Miles, Patty Griffin, and Alison Krauss soon came to dominate her world and inspired her to compose.

Her return to Chicago in 1998 marked the start of her recording career. Released in 2001, her debut record, “Anywhere but here” (Jabberwocky Records), received critical acclaim regionally, with the title song featured on “The Sound of Women’s Dreams” a nationally released compilation. Dayna and her band then gradually began to make in-roads with regional clubs and festivals, and gained the support of local radio and media. In 2003 Dayna began what would become a long-time artist / producer collaboration with Nashville based, Doug Sisemore, long standing music director for Country music artist, Reba McEntire. This partnership resulted in the release of her second record, “Tangled Up In You” (2004 Jabberwocky Records). The album received critical acclaim, glowing reviews from critics all over the world, and the song, “Coming Home”, was chosen by the USO for it’s Songs for the Troops compilation, distributed to Military servicemen worldwide. By 2006, Dayna’s yearly performance schedule consisted of 100+ shows in 6 different states and her songs could be heard on radio stations throughout the world.

Dayna’s second record release led to various exciting commercial writing opportunities, including a collaboration with Fred Scott, Alberto Gaitan, Ed Williams, and Emilio Estefan, the result of which was the song “Duermo en las calle”, released by legendary Cuban artist, Albita Rodriguez. The song was featured on her Grammy award-winning album “Albita Llega”. Other commercial song placements include songs featured on MTV’s “The Real World”, The Weather Channels “Storm Stories”, the independent film “Maneater” (starring Dean Cain), as well as on records released by various independent artists. Dayna is also the voice of the “Santastic” holiday experience, playing at malls across America.

In early 2008 Dayna was awarded the Chicago Music Award for Best Country Artist. In September of ’08, she followed up this honor with the release of her third album, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen”, produced by the aforementioned Doug Sisemore. Her third record features songs co-written with such notable writers as Nashville based Bruce Bouton, (Garth Brooks, George Strait, Mindy McReady, Mark Wills, Glenn Cambell, George Jones), Ray Barnette (Billy Dean), and Chicago based Dave Hiltebrand (Nick Collione, Steve Cole), among various others.